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The easiest and most fun way to jumpstart your investment calculations Like A Pro! 


Know exactly which numbers to twist and turn to immediately make more capital gain or cash flow.

The Tool Tips instantly guide you through the essentials. Learn to calculate like a Pro just much faster.


The E-book vividly explains the critical ratios and profitability indicators. Don't lose time on endless boring materials. Dive into what really matters and learn to see with the eye of a Pro. 


The Cheat Sheets are a Bonus. Learn what moves the needle fast or keep it at all times as a handy carry on.


The tool is made around your time saving and rapid, savvy decision making needs as an investor:


  • Includes time-saving auto calculation checkboxes;
  • Extensive Key Profitability Indicators with traffic light alerts (Instant Go/NoGo Alerts); 
  • Multiple Year Analysis - the true profitability whisperer! Instantly see when to Refinance (=cash out); Tax-Benefits and much more… 


Before you Buy:

We want you to see the possibilities for yourself. Download the free Quick Scan version and see what the Pro version can do for you. The Quick Scan is yours to keep forever!


CalcLikeAPro Tool (MS Excel)

  • Please be informed that this version is the MS Excel Windows PC Version.


    It is compatible with Excel for MAC and Google Sheets, but experiences minor issues.  We are currently working on a Excel for MAC and a Google Sheets specific version.

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