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The Select Choice. #Premier.


True investors know that the biggest ROI you can attain is Self Education.


Never put a cap on your financial potential or your growth. Keep developing and keep growing.
Learn To Earn. Invest in your most valuable asset: Yourself!


Don't limit your growth, go for superior value, quality and convenience of having it all:


+Think Like A Pro E-book 

+Talk Like A Pro E-book

+Calc Like A Pro E-book

+Talk Like A Pro Fun Memory Cards

+Calc Like A Pro Cheat Sheets 


Special Bonus: The Formula; the secret money recipe of real estate investors


Premium: Calc Like A Pro Tool (MS Excel Pro Edition v5.01)


Like A Pro Collection Deluxe

  • Please be informed that the Calc Like A Pro Tool is a  MS Excel Windows PC Version.


    It is compatible with Excel for MAC and Google Sheets, but experiences minor issues.  We are currently working on an Excel for MAC and a Google Sheets specific version.

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