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Beat Panic With Immunity!

Governments are closing borders, schools, shops, bars, travelling is banned and countries are being locked down 😱! We face a severe, acute pandemic - health crisis with a brutal financial burndown follow-up 😕😖😵. Our only way out… Immunity!

Caution Not Panic!

People are petrified and fear runs amok! More often than not fear is a product of unconsciousness and lack of knowledge concerning what seems to be “unexpectedly happening”. But is it 🤔?

We are not going to dive deep into Covid-19 but we will provide a link to a video we consider a very clear explanation of the what, why & how of the virus. It is our philosophy to focus and flow energy to the desired positive outcome and never to the problem itself – we leave that part to the traditional media 😏 - and we won’t be making any exceptions this time around 👠💄.



All we want to emphasize is that this is not the first nor will it be our last pandemic outbreak 😖. Instead of panic and being a liability to yourself or worse putting others in danger you should first inform yourself deeply about what this Covid-19 virus is and is not. Gain knowledge on how to best navigate and mitigate risks and keep yourself and others safe. First comes accountability. Then come comprehension and adaptability. With understanding comes calm, with calm comes solutions! Many firms are working on both vaccines and therapeutics that won’t be available for at least a year. So in the meantime, it’s up to you, Be responsible!

This specific virus appears to transmit better in dry weather, which occurs more often in the winter so we can expect to see a decrease in infections as soon as May. Humid, polar and tropical climates seem to be less affected with no conclusive certainty yet. So the virus might come back next fall/winter which is very possible and similar to the Spanish Flu scenario in 1918-1919.

This means that our Governments we’re indeed informed well in advance by world health organizations about the increasing risks of a new outbreak. The outbreak was spot on schedule 😮.

It is essential that you understand that all of the biggest mechanisms at play in the world are indeed cyclical. History has been both a great teacher and a guardian.

Once we understand what the virus is. We also know it’s weak spot the protein core. Once the protein core is destabilized – broken down by alcohol or dried after some time of coming in contact with different surfaces we can neutralize it or take the right precautions to stop the spread and risks of infections. Now we have control over how we approach this threatening and hazardous situation.

Then suddenly there’s also the awakening global notion that vitamin D, which our bodies produce when we’re in the sun and adding high doses of vitamin C to our daily diets, which our body is not able to make or store on its own, helps us fight off viruses. Our body is this unbelievable bio-intelligent vessel that has an incredible auto-immune system that is designed and able to fight all "dis- eases" given the right nutrition, rest and exercise. So we have the key to deal with this virus and any other mutation or bacteria as we have always had and always will. It’s called immunity 🤗!

The Aftermath: Financial Winter

We are now living during a remarkable time when three mayor cycles: Climate -,Socio|Political|Revolutionary- and Economic Cycles are converging together. That is why we are experiencing extreme changes in what seems to be in every aspect of life. The difficulty is the timespan of some of these cycles. Many of which we wouldn’t even experience once in a lifetime, still we can’t just overlook them! Just as we experience now that we can’t simply ignore the pandemic cycle away…

There are also even bigger cycles like the 100.000-year climate ice age cycles and 24.000-year human consciousness cycles and within those cycles, we see the smaller socio-economic cycles as mentioned in the Dent research graph above. In 2012, it is believed that we finally emerged from the Iron Age (2.400 year cycle) or Kali Yuga into the Bronze Age (4,800-year cycle) an era of higher consciousness. With this shift in consciousness we are also moving from a patriarchal cycle (3.000 - 4.000 year cycle) into a matriarchal cycle (35.000 - 40.000 year cycle) 👠💄.

It is essential for you to at least understand some of the Grand Cycles” at work in the larger scheme of life itself, so you can start to make sense of it all 🧐!

The Trigger

Okay back to the current cycle of the here and now. Today this virus is the trigger for the economic-financial market to deleverage! We are currently living in Economic Winter and now after years of Quantitative Easing of the US, European and Chinese governments trying to postpone and delay a deflationary wave ( K-wave | Kondratieff-wave), it seems the reset is inevitable.

It is in our human nature to look forward not backward. But knowing the past can be very insightful in anticipating the future, especially so in Wall Street, Business and Real Estate. Basically all “Asset Classes” have a predictable pattern. Many investors have a tendency to extrapolate current events into the future and expect things to continue to perform the same way without timing the true nature of the cycles and trends at hand.

Cycles and changes in demographic trends have a great impact on our economy and the markets- locally, nationally and globally. Predictable consumer spending patterns combined with demographic trends, allow us to forecast the economy years and even decades in advance. The cycle is a roadmap, but you will still have to do the driving. We learn from the past to help us navigate the roadmap of asset classes and grow our investments on a profitable journey.

In "Grow Your Money Riding Waves" we explained in more depth the different waves and cycles to provide you with a framework and basic understanding of how these cycles will affect the economy and thus you as a business owner and real estate investor. Equally so the Kondratiev Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter will affect your business and investments alike.

Financial Immunity

Investors are concerned and they should be. We don’t know which companies will go out of business, survive or which ones will bounce back quickly to thrive to even higher profits. We don’t know for sure how the financial collapse will work out into a recession or a bigger depression. But just like with the current pandemic it all starts with understanding. Once we know what is happening (understanding the wave and current season), why it’s happening (the indicators' behaviors within the current season) now we also know how to navigate the current economic season (where to invest or not and which strategy to implement or not).

First comes accountability, educate yourself! Then come comprehension and adaptability. With understanding comes calm, with calm comes solutions. So we have the key to deal with this downturn as we have always had and always will. We also realize that it is one of the most exceptional opportunity windows in time for wealth accumulation. Providing us with one of the highest forms of freedom:

It’s called financial immunity 🤗!

Welcome to RealEstatz, start your journey to financial freedom today. Join us!#Free4Real

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