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Mentors Are A Must!

It' s September 2020. Time to "Get Back To Business". Mentors raise consciousness, clarity, and a canned view of the Big Picture. At least 90% of people seeking mentors achieve greater success beyond what they thought possible 🤗🔥… Are you one of them?

Back To Business

The Summer of 2020 is over, no more staycations, no more walking the beaches, no more hanging hammocks. No more sipping piña colada under the simmering sunset. It’s time to get busy, it’s time to go back to business! But how do you get there?! Sometimes you are eager to go, jumping in all directions but with no clarity what exactly to do?! Get clear, get focused, get a mentor🔥.


If you want to be successful in life, mentors are a must. A mentor is a person that tells you what is or is not important and relevant in any area of expertise or life. Look around you 🤩 all great professionals, sporters, entrepreneurs & winners have coaches and mentors. Amateurs with big Ego's don’t, they assume they can do it all by themselves.

For every life’s challenge, there is a different type of mentor. Success isn’t just about knowing, it also calls to deploy character, commitment, and counterbalance all of which come from experience. Mentors can help in all these areas by applied wisdom (they exude the what, when, why, and how). They can also catapult you forward by teaching and warning you about lessons learned from big mistakes, not just the big wins or easy road maps.

While it is cool to have peers walking in the same direction as you are, cheering you on with the occasional hi-5 🙏🏽🥳, a mentor should always be a person that has already achieved that what you seek multiple times over. A mentor should be completely immersed in the things you want to attain, fully living the life you want to live, totally mastered the skills, the expertise you want to acquire, thoroughly seasoned & experienced in the path you want to walk next. While you are at the starting point of the bridge, your mentor should be at a far-out distance across the bridge well established into the new area you want to get to. Capiche 🤔?!

Without any judgment and showing deep emotional empathy for all of life's circumstances that can lead into unwanted conditions, let us put it this way: "If you want to become a millionaire, would you ask a beggar or a billionaire how to go about it or what to do next 🧐?!"

Choose your mentors wisely. Always be careful and cautious about where or whom you get your advice from. It is always best to choose someone who’s already taken the journey with ups and downs and got out winning. Don’t choose people who only know the wins it means they haven’t been around long enough to know the big picture and be aware of the big pretenders with no real knowledge, experience, or wisdom at all.

Start With Peers

If you want to be successful, you must be vigilant, diligent even aggressively protective of the people and the energy you surround yourself with. Ask yourself, “Are these people good for me? Do they have the same goals as I do?” If not, then “Bye Felicia” 🙋🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️them! You must spend more time with people who are heading in the same direction as you are. It’s this simple: “If you are trying to get to the beach, you can’t be walking with the herds hiking for the hills, chasing cold-powder ❄☃, nor walking the woods!” The same goes for all your peers, family, friends, and yes especially for your significant soulmate 🥰! Find your true beach tribe in surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, sand-lovers people who actually love, enjoy, and want above all to be on the beach with you 🌴...

Types of Mentors

There are many, many types of mentors as you would find exploring the internet. Some will even argue that a person living your worst nightmare would be a magnificent pain driven warning mentor😵. We prefer to look at positive, inspirational, growth driven mentors instead 😍. Propelled and pulled forward by desire instead of pushed and dragged by fear or pain. Nonetheless, not all mentors are created equal. To use their time efficiently and effectively you should know how to best use their time, skills, and knowledge. We found, in our humble opinion, the many types to be rather slightly different flavors to the following categories:

  • The Coach. A coach has knowledge, experience, and wisdom in a particular area of expertise and loves to share this wisdom. This isn't about one all-encompassing guru, since you will surely have multiple and a wildly diverse set of coaches along your growth journey. This isn't about age either, it's about in-depth knowledge and experience since you could have a very young but extremely experienced techie queen coaching an older less tech-savvy peer (aka reverse coaching). For less skill-driven coaching and more life experienced coaching a more mature and all-round seasoned mentor would obviously make a better coach. At a certain point in your life, the advice of any mentor will cease to be effective, simply because your personal development has outgrown their specific area of expertise. Always be on the lookout for coaches with experience and knowledge in that particular area you want to grow into next.

  • The Connector. She is the most important mentor you will ever meet. Connectors well, love connecting people. She has massive amounts of energy and new ideas. She also has an extensive, wide, deep network of people who all know her well and highly respect her. She always "gets things done." She is the kind of mentor to hold on to for a lifetime.

  • The Cheerleader. Is the mentor you call when you get big news and she will be as or even more thrilled for you as yourself! She will be there for you when everyone else has left. All you really need is one, but she is your rock!

  • The Challenger. This mentor is not exactly going to be someone you'll be spending joyous times with because she is a mirror and she will call BS🤬 on you & get you out of your comfort zone. If you want to grow, you will want a challenger. She’ll call you wrong or when you just plain suck but she will guide you to and on the right path too. Take it or leave it. A Challenger is super smart and super fast. She doesn’t have time for BS so she’ll give her two cents of advice quickly, effectively with no sugarcoat and move on. Call her only when you really need it and then call the Cheerleader, you will need it!

Where Do You Find Mentors?

Look for them closely in places you already frequent like work, clubs, or charity organizations. You can choose to have one-on-one mentors. If you can’t find them close, then go out and join investment clubs, network groups, and other business associations for group mentors. If what you are looking for is a high net worth, high in demand star player then you will most probably need to pay to play to get in their circle. But hey, you already own a greater asset on the planet than anyone before you ever had: a smartphone. You can access online courses, podcasts, mastermind groups anywhere and everywhere without ever leaving the safety of home, virtually right from your phone. So even in times of social distancing, you can build your mentor relationships online through Skype, FaceTime, or ZOOM!


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Read Then Reach Out!

Build your "brawn & brain base" out of people who can mentor you. You need to surround yourself with people who can propel you forward.

If you feel like you still don’t have enough knowledge – to know what you don’t know- or just don’t have the money to pay for mentorships yet, you can start by reading a book. Yep! A mentor isn’t always a person you meet in person. When you read a book or an article that speaks to you, it’s just like you reach out and immerse yourself in the thinking process of the author 🤔. Books are a brilliant way to start your road to financial education and ultimately to financial freedom…

The most important thing to remember is not to waste a mentor’s time! The best way you can catch their attention and show you mean business is by knowing their material! Get their books, their programs, their vision, and roadmap to financial freedom.

They will filter you. That is how they know if you are a worthy investment of their time and energy. Have you listened to their audio? Have you read their books, to have a common starting point? Will you go through daily exercises they teach you? Have you already invested time & money in yourself and in them?!

Prepare Properly

Okay, you've done the hard part and finally landed your dream mentor. Now what?! You meet for coffee! But what do you say? What do you do in a mentor's meeting? Here are some tips to crush your first meeting.

Before A Mentor Meeting

Before meeting with your mentor, ask yourself what your goal is, what do you want to get out of this meeting, what is your biggest challenge you want help with? What kind of help do you want? Connections, insights, specific knowledge, or experienced eyes? When your mentor asks you, “How can I help?” it’s easy to have a painful, awkward freeze🥶, if you haven’t really thought things through. You don't just go out, expect your mentor to do all the talking, and sit there like a potato sponge and just consume, that's the surest way to never see your mentor again🤦🏽‍♀️... So You do the work!!!

Goal: Prepare by being well informed, know how to build a relationship with your mentor, and prepare to run a productive meeting.

What to do:

  • Send your mentor an email, with your one-page resume and a very short bio (two paragraphs max.) on your business and personal history. Always be appreciative and grateful for her time and help.

  • Clarify and specify your ask. Always focus on ONE THING! Don't be all over the place asking for this and that and the other thing. If you manage your first meeting well, you'll have many more opportunities to follow-up on all the other stuff. But for now, be crystal clear on that one specific most important and urgent thing.

  • Ask for your mentor's assistant contact information. She is busy, don't bother her with tedious things like "back and forth" for appointments just ask her assistant, the big gatekeeper.

  • Google her! Learn about the latest relevant news, background, or published work of your mentor. You should already have read her books, listened to her audio, done her programs way in advance before ever reaching out. This time it's "the catch up on the latest game" on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any Social Platform she hangs out on. Follow and subscribe to her everywhere. Look for common interests to build upon.

  • Confirm the meeting a day or two in advance. Do you see why you need her assistant? Make sure you are still on that calendar! Tip her assistant on your earlier mail with a resume and bio you sent. You might even WhatsApp a short, informal agenda for your first conversation one hour ahead of time to be fresh on your mentor's mind. Make the process a breeze for your mentor, she'll love it.

During A Mentor Meeting

Mentorship is absolutely a two-way street, it's about building a relationship! It's not just you, talking about you, sucking all the air and energy you can out of your mentor, picking her brain, and then be done with it. Remember to also ask your mentor open-ended questions. Try the classical but surefire: "What are you currently working on?" or even better: "I saw your post of XYZ last week, tell me more about it!", or the best yet: "It's funny I saw you ABC-ing, I absolutely love it too. What's your best spot/time/score for ABC?!". Show some genuine interest in her work, charities, passion projects. Aks her "Is there anything I can do to help you?" She will really appreciate the effort you put into making this relationship mutually beneficial. At the end of the day, mentors are busy business owners and investors but also passionate people too! By being prepared you can be assured the conversation goes smoothly, in the way you want it to and ultimately receive the tailored support you are looking for.

Goal: Get to know each other, show genuine interest, build a relationship.

What to do:

  • Show professionalism. Be prepared, confident, and sharp but above all be on time.

  • Set up the conversation (refer to that WhatApp you send earlier) to make it relevant, valuable, effective, and efficient. Meeting her is a privilege, getting the best out of the time she freed up for you is YOUR job!

  • Talk, yes you talk! Talk about your personal, professional background, your current situation, and clearly state your focus (the one thing). Provide context to help your mentor understand you. Share what is relevant about your life situation. Don't overload, overwhelm, and there is a thing called sharing too much info 😲😵🥴🥱!!! Be open, genuine but tactful, and to the point, it's not a night out with the girls and it sure isn't a therapy session!

  • Ask direct and specific questions about your mentor’s experience, point of view, or connections to help you. Be concise like, “I’d love to connect with an experienced X” or “What do you think in hindsight is the best way to succeed at Z?”

  • Round up with a plan. Make a mutually agreed-on plan for future mentoring sessions.

  • End the conversation before time. Leave some room to end at a relaxed pace and refer back to her passion project and offer to help her. Always end with giving back more than you take!

After A Mentor Meeting

What you can do right after the session comes back to the most important part of connecting with mentors in the first place: standing out from the crowd. There are two things that you can immediately do after the meeting that will make you memorable: send her a “thank you” note and continue to deliver value.

Don't be dull and bland. Don’t just thank her, tell her exactly what it was that you appreciated about her advice, and exactly what next steps you plan to take to implement her feedback. On a more general level, the “deliver value” part of connecting with her is not a one-time thing to get in the door. You should continue delivering real value in any way that you can.

Goal: A personalized "Thank You", plan for the future and manage expectations, continue to deliver value.

What to do:

  • Follow up within 24 hours. Send a brief but highly personalized thank-you note that spells out the next steps you agreed on. Express appreciation for specific insights that helped you. If you can thank her assistant for helping set up the meeting that's even better. The assistant will make sure your mentor gets your message! Let your mentor know what you value and how she is making a difference for you. People will never forget how you make them feel!

  • Respect your mentor’s boundaries and time. Outside of your regular sessions, your mentor probably has limited time to engage with you. Don’t inundate her with emails, messages, or calls. Connect instead. Interact casually on social platforms by liking or commenting on her posts, share her stories, reels. help move her agenda forward.

  • Deliver Value. Put a note in your calendar to carve out time and work on doing something valuable for your mentor every 90 days. Mentally, physically or financially contribute to her passion project, volunteer on her charity, send a warm lead to her business, connect her with someone valuable or go out of your way to give her that "thing" that she really loves for her birthday (special VIP concert tickets, crawl craigslist in search for the first edition of a special book, score a limited edition). Be creative take time and think of resourceful ways to be of service and deliver value!

  • Follow through. If you’ve committed to an action during the mentoring session, make sure you non-negotiably do what you promise. It’s very discouraging for your mentor if you don’t, she got where she is by keeping her word. At the next meeting, start with a brief, energetic, and optimistic update on your progress. That's a great way to acknowledge her and value her time.

Make the time you spent with your mentor count for her but even more so for YOU! Those that put in the work and really learn the tricks of the trade are the ones that can really kick some Assets & come out winning 🎉🎉🎉

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