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Play The Money Game!

The rich aren’t being distracted by the media and they certainly ain't down with “Netflix and chill”. They are laser-focused, out there -buying assets on a dime- getting richer by the minute💰. Zooming, Skyping, and cashing-in and so should you 👠💄!

What's up?

We are heading into heavy “Deflationary” waters ahead. How we survive these times is completely dependent on how well our Governments are able to run the different country enterprises and do what has to be done to navigate a “soft” Deleveraging - Deflationary period otherwise we might face upheaval and troubling times like WWII following the Great Depression of 1929. This will be a period wherein we will face Governments, businesses, and individuals having to cut spending, reduce debt and redistribute wealth as deflationary activities and more printing of money by federal & central banks as an attempt to reboot the economy with inflationary consequences.

How long will this Deflationary period last? Well it might take up to 3 years, before we get into a reflation upswing again.

How well we do personally, will be completely dependent on how well we are able to manage our mindset. How well we do financially will depend on how well we manage to learn from the past and implement the things - “financial principles” we know have and will work again and again…

As we have been tirelessly determined and insatiable in our quest to study the true timeless & universal factors for financial success in order to achieve financial freedom 🤗, we have come to realize how predictable the financial system truly is. It is all a matter of seeing the picture from the right perspective. All the “unfair advantage” and leverage the rich & wealthy seem to have is gained by having the true and correct knowledge of What is happening When it is actually happening and Why it’s happening. That is the reason the rich know exactly How to thrive amidst it all.

We cannot emphasize enough that in order to achieve financial freedom you MUST change your thinking from the “quick fix”, “easy button”, “no work required” mentality to aspiring to fully understand the “big picture” and mastery of the most important things at play. We are giving you the power of knowledge through, easy bite chunks blogs and easy to implement cheat sheets, but only you can help yourself and your financial situation by your “willingness” to learn and apply these principles.


How does money work? Listen to a Billionaire...

Raymond Thomas Dalio (born August 8, 1949) is an American billionaire philanthropist and founder (1975) of Bridgewater Associates, one of the biggest hedge fund firms in the world.


Where Are We?

How do we know where we are? Well, we can never say with exact precision where we are but we have indicators that tell us where we “kinda” are. The live treasury yield curve on our site, as one of these prime indicators, showed a “smiling face” around July 2019 (snapshot below). We could guesstimate by this smile that (6-18 months later) a recession would hit around October 2019/March 2020 (click the graph and read the whole blog for more in-depth information); while the current May, 2020 yield curve is actually clearly signaling a weakened economy (doubtful line up). Even more striking is that in both snapshots the yield curve of May/July 2018 was depicting a very strong economy as the Yield curve puts up a "sad face". We did not anticipate the COVID-19 virus to be the worldwide trigger, the so-called "Black Swan" event, but we knew the deleveraging phase was coming ⏱. And it did make an “unforgettable” big bang entry for sure…

How Do We Fit The Puzzle?

Seeing events in their respective place in “the Big Picture” will help you shift your perspective from overwhelmed by the frenzy of things coming at you to stepping above them to see their patterns through time. So how do you make sense of the many sliding puzzle pieces? We lay it down for you one puzzle piece at the time...

We encourage you to not only grab your free cheat sheets for a quick scan but to follow the complete thread of cycle blogs dedicated to giving you a more in-depth understanding of the different puzzle pieces at play. First, you need to have that helicopter view of what the heck is really going on, so you systematically know the logical next step of "HOW" to deal with it financially 🧐.

You need to understand and adopt the mindset & the behavior of the rich and wealthy. To do that you must see what they see and then do what they do.