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Don’t End Up On The Menu!

Now What🤔?!”. What’ s next? Back to the old or to a new normal? Bankruptcies, unemployment, uncertainty galore 😔 OR the greatest opportunity to Thrive ” 🤫...

Now What?

So we all quarantined in our “plastic bubbles” keeping our distance, taking precautions, washing our hands to near sandpaper quality & made it through, NOW WHAT?! This post is inspired by a meme we got from a friend depicting that unforgettable iconic scene in Finding Nemo at the end...

The phases of grief

We all go through the different phases of grief when facing a terrible situation of loss/fear. We certainly recognize all the great loss, pain, fear and devastating circumstances many people are facing worldwide right now. As we write these words we realize many are fighting for their lives battling this COVID-19 virus, losing a dear one, losing their business, losing their job or losing their home. We all will in some way process this global pandemic trauma through the Kubler Ross Grief Cycle.

The faster we arrive at acceptance of that what we have no influence over and cannot change, the faster we can set a new course. With acceptance comes clarity, with clarity comes new problem solving & integration ideas. Ideas that give us the power to change things we DO have control over and that ultimately leads to joy, purpose, direction, a positive sense of self and a brighter future! 🤗

How is this going to play out?

Before we can craft a master plan for when we get out of this global health and financial upheaval, we first need to understand what is happening and how this is going to play out. Please realize that we won’t be going to the “Old-Normal” anywhere soon.

As we always emphasize on our blog - Through education, gaining true knowledge and a deep understanding you will always be able to beat panic and set yourself up for success.

History shows that a pandemic comes in three waves. As the picture below suggests we can expect this COVID-19 virus to emerge even more viciously back in fall and next year spring only then will it fade out as all pandemics eventually do.


In order to fully understand what is happening financially on a global scale, we urge you to fully understand that EVERYTHING in life comes and goes in waves. To easily get the financial implications of this current flow of events, follow the tread to our series on financial cycles & waves….


The great long term cycle analysis institute - Dent Research predicts that the financial curve following the COVID-19 pandemic, will play out as follow:

What both graphs suggest is that the worse is yet to come financially. So how can we prepare to avoid getting cooked, roasted, sliced and devoured by what is yet to come?😵

We have to understand that we are currently in the Winter Financial Cycle. We have to acknowledge and accept the fact that we are facing a 2-year downturn depression. This means that all Asset Markets (real estate, business, commodities, stock-market) are about to be deleveraged. Implying that all asset markets that have been growing extensively on Central Banks’ fake printed money (quantitative easing) are going to face a “BIG RESET”.