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Flip To Fortune!

Locked-down by COVID-19 😷 but not stuck nor a victim. Take control. Change. Adapt. Be creative. come out winning, from $0 to a million-dollar valuation portfolio 🤑. Choose Freedom Now! If not now then when 🙄? Flip the switch to fortune, we dare you🔥…

Flip, Do It!

During this COVID-19 crisis, many already did or will lose their jobs and financial security. Most rely on the Government 😂 to come to their rescue. They just want to be given fish— Why? Because it’s easy. Learning to fish is HARD 😒. If you are like most, comfortable “Binging Netflix” sitting it out, waiting to go back to “Normal” then you just want to be given fish. In that case, this blog and community are NOT for you.

Things have changed drastically... for many with great sorrow, loss, and pain. As we are right in the midst of what will surely become a defining moment of this decade or perhaps century we feel the urge to help! We want to be of service in a true and lasting way. By teaching you to fish, to get to the money, to keep it, and to grow it for generations, we do just that! We want to take some time to reflect on what you haven’t lost, You! And your ability to figure things out and to prosper.

So if you are filled with an urgency to change, to do whatever it takes then you are a precious butterfly 🦋 that is wanting to fly so hard it is ready to leave the caterpillar 🐛life behind. You are ready to learn to fish! Read on 🙏🥳. This blog will show you the “exact” switch to flip to change your financial future, now...

You can call it COVID-19, the housing crash of 2007, the banking crash of 2010, the inevitable reorganization or downsizing to follow next in your company, the stock-market crash or 🙄 bla, bla, bleh bleh. There is always going to be a crisis that takes you out even if you survive this one. We are heading into a completely new "Normal". Aren’t you fed up with this surviving #*BS?! Don’t you want to thrive? Live your best life? Then learn to Fish! Wait whaaatt 🥴?

With learning to fish we actually mean to awaken the DESIRE to LEARN how money really works! Ask yourself: “What are your financial goals and dreams? Are you taking steps to be less dependent on your employer and the government?”. Because they just want you to stay in the poor house. Ask yourself WHAT do I need to KNOW, DO so I can fish and catch juicy big fish like the rich do & never have anyone handing you small smelly sardines ever again! Yep, this is us actually flipping & ranting 🤬...

So get mad, flip if you will just as we did. Then flip again but this time flip your mind. Change how you think. Switch. Shift. Adapt. Now let us show you the exact switch to flip to get rich 🤑. Flip the switch, Do it!

Easy Come, Easy Go

Why just giving you money or fish won’t work. Because it’s not the money! If millions of dollars, euros, bitcoin, or whatever made people rich, why are 60 percent of former NBA players broke within five years of retirement? Why do most lottery winners fail to use that jackpot to secure their future but are rather back to broke in no time? Many financial experts make the subject of money confusing to make themselves sound smart and make you feel stupid. They are called brokers because they are just as broke as you are. Just “puppets” of the financial system (Wallstreet, Banks, and Governments). It's not the money that makes the difference, it's the understanding of how money really works!


To better understand the steps in the roadmap next, do a quick recap of Assets here:


Only once you really understand where the money actually comes from, how to get it, and how to keep it! - 🤫 we have many tips on how to keep your money from the greedy, sleazy hands of WallStreet, Banks, and the innocent TAX (unknowingly working as a money collector for the banks) here! - They can take your fish through tax, inflation, Medicare, obliged IRA, or whatever mandatory pension plan but you will always know how to fish again and again. No matter what happens or changes from clear water to a pond, to blurry or muddy waters, to a quiet lake, or to the vast ocean as long as you have the ambition to live your best life you will catch that fish!

The Entrepreneurial Drill

We understand that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur – we actually don’t but for discussion’s sake, we’ll pretend we do 😋. If you are just browsing to dip your toes in the investment waters of “turnkey” -done for you then go hereIf you rather want to stay employed but would love to transfer to real estate and ease your way to financial freedom then swap here, if you don’t even know what you want then, by all means, start here!

BUT in the gracious case that you do have the itch, that burning, choking, all-consuming need to be FREE then stick around. Enter the entrepreneurial drill.

The only way to make money is to buy assets that produce money. The rich do not, we repeat DO NOT work for money. Money works for them!

Why do you ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY have to be an entrepreneur? Well, that’s how money is really made! Entrepreneurs create products, goods, services that make them money. The Government loves entrepreneurs because they create jobs for employees. Employees with jobs pay tax. Tax is the Government’s money. Money to pay banks. Both banks and governments love entrepreneurs. That is why the "Tax Law or Trap" is only set for employees. The tax law favor’s businesses and real estate, in other words, the tax law is an incentive manual for entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs are the biggest fishermen out there…

The Secret Roadmap

The secret is really that money is not made but actually constantly transferred. The Fed and Central Banks “create” money out of thin air when they provide credit. Credit is their “flip” to flush money into the market. Only assets passively transfer money. Employees work for a paycheck. They then transfer this money back to the hands of first payroll taxes (anywhere from 40% to 60% of your income) after that the next big expenditures are housing & tax, utilities & tax, food & tax, clothing & tax, transportation & tax 😣. See a pattern? So owning a business that provides the necessary and discretionary goods employees (who make up 95% of the world population) spend most of their hard-earned money on, is where the proverbial “gold mine” is located.

Starting a business and a real estate portfolio from scratch is a lengthy, risky, and very hard process. The competition is fierce. The market is uncertain. There is much to know and learn. It is like entering a cockpit and seeing a gazillion switches to flip having no clue where to start or which one not to touch! But It certainly can be done and has been done many, many, many times over.

The greatest time to start a business and investing in real estate is actually during a recession when the competition is leveled out, the supply rises and prices decline. An even easier way to jump into business is to buy businesses during a recession, many businesses facing bankruptcy selling inventory, machinery, client databases, and even their commercial real estate for "pennies on the dollar". The biggest wealth in history has been made during recessions! Google the story of Joseph Kennedy or Irving Kahn…Millionaires (now Billionaires) right out of the gate of the 1929 crash. Also, look up the more recent social media start-up billionaires, most of them started right after the housing crash of 2008!

Knowing with certainty which businesses are most likely to succeed gives you an unfair advantage over those just trying to follow their passions into ventures with no viability to ever see the light of day….

The fast track

But for every beaten path, there is also a fast track. So without further delay, we present you the “switch” that bypasses all other cockpit switches into “autopilot mode”.

By far the greatest problem for everyone starting or wanting to start a business, real estate, or investing in the stock market is the money. Once you have enough of the 4 asset classes we mentioned earlier you will be able to create money out of thin air at will with (re-)financing options, because banks love assets. Banks will loan you almost an infinite amount to acquire and operate assets once you have a proven record. The irony is once you have enough money, you will never need the money to make more money, that is how the financial system works. But to start and get things going you will need money, a very substantial pile of cash for that matter.

In the next part, we will literally teach you how to start from $0. All you need is tenacity, willpower, perseverance, and the drive to win.

Flipping is the fastest way to transfer money through arbitrage. You do what others won’t: ADD VALUE. The greatest part of flipping is that you don’t need to create or produce anything to get the money. All you really need is a phone and an old truck to start. Look for free stuff that sells on E-bay, Craigslist pick them up, clean them make stunning pictures, use great enticing copywriting & marketing and re-sell them on E-bay, Vinted, Facebook marketplace, Pinterest, or any platform of your choice. You just made your first transaction – money transferred to you! Keep doing this until you have enough to follow the tried and true money path above. You will literally Flip yourself to Fortune through higher and higher profit margins!


How to actually make money: a practical way to make $100,000 a year and more...

Learn from the Pro

Gary Vaynerchuk CEO and founder of VaynerX Holding, VaynerMedia a 250 million revenue media company. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Glenn Stearns, the founder of Stearns Lending LLC, sold over 30-billion dollars in loans, making the business America’s #1 Wholesale Lender in 2013. Go view the full series of Undercover Billionaire featuring Stearns going from $0 to millionaire in 90 days.

Roland Frasier practiced business, tax, securities law, and is now an active investor who drives growth and scale in his portfolio companies. He has founded, scaled, and sold 24 different businesses ranging from $3 million to $3,6 billion.


The Process: Break It Down!

Why does this work? Because it takes work. Most won't do the hard work. But hard work is better than the alternative which is broke. You can pick up an old “dirty” sofa (lamp, camera, phone, or anything people use, want, or need) because someone wants to get rid of it to buy a new one rather than cleaning or fixing it. You will add value by cleaning or fixing it yourself, all it takes from you is some equity sweat, and hustle. Next, you take beautifully staged photos, again with great marketing, and resell it for a bargain price (you can beat the market price because you picked it up for $0). Everything you get for it is "Pure Profit" - well after you take a portion to pay for your phone, gas, and maintenance of the truck so you can keep hustling. Another secret Hassle equals Money!

This "Buying, Fixing & Flipping" process can be repeated all the way up to high-value properties and businesses.

Step 1: Start

There is no end to the entrepreneurial drill. But there isn’t an end to the growth potential either. There is no limit to how much wealth you can acquire. Do some market research on what sells fast or start with "goods" you are passionate about and know a lot about which makes it even easier. But always check for market interest, speed of sale, and good profit margins to make it all worthwhile.

Step 2: Don't Spend It, Scale It!

Every time you have some cash piled up, you first DO NOT SPEND IT. Then you ask yourself how can I make this money work for me? What is it's next best use?

At 5K you can choose to invest in a "drop shipping" online business to scale your online flip venture after that you can even break out into a real brick & mortar business with a "2nd hand revenue model" or a "Pawnshop revenue model". People are now bringing or carrying it in (instead of you driving around with your truck) for nothing, just to get rid of "junk". Do you know about the business 1-800 Got Junk? Well, they come and pick up your garage trash. They are a Canadian franchised residential and commercial junk removal company operating in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The company's business model consists of taking junk or trash haulage and giving it a "clean" image through branding and marketing. A $400 million dollar business.

If you don't want to scale but rather start investing you could start investing in small chunks with options at the stock market. The goal is to go from activity/hustle to a more legit business. The wealthy build businesses and invest.

Step 3: Higher Value Flips

You can also grow by focusing your efforts on higher-margin products. Think of scooters and cars. The same actions apply. Pick-up for free or low dollars, clean it up & fix it up, you take beautifully staged photos, enticing marketing, and resell it for a bargain price (you can beat the market price because you picked it up for low dollars). Everything you get for it is "Pure Profit". Same actions but way more profit.

The steps to flipping a sofa are mostly the same for real estate too. You buy a beat-up property, you fix it (clean up), you take beautifully staged photos, market the hell out of it, and resell it for a bargain price (you can beat the market price because you picked it up for low dollars). Everything you get for it is "Pure Profit".

See the pattern? Of course, you will need to learn more about Real Estate, Business, and scaling to get to a million-dollar valuation. But isn’t that why you came here in the first place?! To never stop learning. Your greatest investment in life will be investing in yourself, in your growth!

Once you have acquired over 100K you can start investing in bigger assets. You can start to buy & hold multi-family or apartment buildings, you can buy into existing cash-flowing businesses. A cash-flowing business that pays off the commercial real estate building it's located in is working a "2 for 1" deal! This is also known as the Mc Donalds formula. Mc Donalds is all about prime location commercial real estate not a burger company. The burger business franchise formula was developed just so the franchisee could easily pay for the lease. This way the Mc Donalds Holding company could grow its multi-billion real estate portfolio worldwide with the certainty of demand and pay.

We also want to point out that a multi-billion dollar IPO like Uber did or a multi-billion Acquisition - management buy out like Facebook acquired WhatsApp or Instagram is the ultimate business flip just like selling an extensive real estate portfolio to institutional bankers or hedge/private equity funds like Blackstone are the ultimate real estate flips. See the pattern? It's the same game over and over again just with much, much higher profit margins.

Wrap it all up

Let’s recap why we are going through all this hassle. First, the arbitrage profit you make on small flips gives you a boost over the limited salary hurdle of not having enough money to start. With this boost, you can invest in Assets (business, real estate, stocks) that provide you with more cash flow than you can ever work for. Real Estate helps you keep and grow your money through tax incentives. Businesses help you stay in the game in front of the inflation that takes away the rest of the money after tax. So unlike the poor and middle class, you can escape the tax trap. Commodities help you hedge against inflation. Once you know how to get the money, keep it and grow it, you are well on your way to true financial freedom.

The biggest change you can make is to stop being an employee and become an entrepreneur and investor who is in charge of her own life! 💄👠 We are giving you the tools to see with your mind what is hidden in plain sight from your eyes.

Start now from where you are, keep learning, and keep asking yourself what is the next right move! You now have the roadmap. We gave you the flashlight. Turn on the switch, flip the lights on, and step outside the darkness, take control of your financial future. Go…Fish! 🍣

Welcome to RealEstatz, start your journey to financial freedom today. Join us!#Free4Real

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